Use of Non-Region 1 DVDs at the University of Winnipeg


Use of Non-Region 1 DVDs at the University of Winnipeg

The purpose of this policy is to identify the procedures and conditions that apply to the showing
of DVDs from Regions outside of Region 1 (North America) at the University of Winnipeg either
through the Library or by university faculty members. Many DVDs produced and sold only in Region 2
(Europe and Middle East) and Regions 3 to 6 are unavailable in Region 1.

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of the public who view
non-Region 1 DVD’s at the University of Winnipeg.

Under the control of the University Library, the subject librarian will verify the non-
availability of the product in North America and will instruct the acquisitions staff person to
acquire the product through a distributor outside of North America. Media Services loans the player
capable of displaying Regions 2-6 DVDs.

The following conditions apply:

1.  The Library or university faculty members must have legally acquired the DVD
from a Regions 2-6 distributor.

2.  Faculty, staff and students can only use the Regions 2-6 DVDs for fair dealing purposes.

3.  The Library’s Entertainment license does not apply to the showing of Regions 2-6
DVDs and therefore these DVDs may not be shown as part of film events for students as a whole or
for the general public.

4.  If a Regions 2-6 version of the DVD becomes available in North America, then the Library or
university faculty member, through the respective departments’ acquisitions budget, is obligated to
purchase the Region 1 version of the DVD.

5.  Bibliographic records for Library held Region 2-6 DVDs will indicate the appropriate Regions of
the DVDs, that they must be used for fair dealing