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Copyright Office

Campus Copyright

Faculty members, staff members, and students at the University of Winnipeg use and produce copyright protected work every day. Whether you are screening a film in front of an audience on campus, an instructor displaying a PowerPoint slide presentation to your students, or a student making photocopies of journal articles to aid in term paper research, each of these actions likely engages copyright. Many everyday research and teaching activities rely upon the use of copyright protected works, since copyright subsists in all types of works, such as plays, periodicals, poems, films, photographs, sculptures, sheet music and maps. 

Given the significant amount of use made of copyright protected works on campus, it is very important that all members of the university community are aware of what copyright works are, and how they can be used in a manner which respects the rights of the copyright owner and is in accordance with Canadian law, specifically the Copyright Act, as well as the University of Winnipeg's new Copyright Policy, which was passed in Fall 2016

The Copyright Office

The Copyright Office has been established to ensure that faculty members, staff members and students understand what their rights and responsibilities are with respect to copyright law.  

This website contains guidelines, handouts and many other resources intended to guide you in your use of copyrighted materials.

The Copyright Office offers a number of additional services, including copyright consultations and presentations, as well as offering assistance with obtaining copyright clearances (permissions to use copyright protected works).

For more information, please contact the Copyright Office: copyrightoffice@uwinnipeg.ca